We strive to be the leading provider of banking services and financial products, based on the Islamic Banking principals that fulfill all the needs of members of the Jordanian Armed Forces and Security Agencies.  Contributing to actual and sustainable improvements in their financial standings. 


To offer comprehensive and specialized financial services, ensuring modern and innovative banking operations, to all members of the Jordanian Armed Forces and Security Agencies, allowing them to safely and securely realize their financial objectives. We are committed to the continueddevelopment of our products and services, and to the ideal employment of our resources.

The Fund Objectives 

The Fund aims to anchor a not-for-profit organization, with a goal to encourage the Armed Forces and Security Agencies personnel to save money and help them to achieve their diverse financial goals and meet their living needs and future hopes by providing them with financial facilitates at relaxed terms. In addition to offering different types of banking services and finances, the fund seek to educate its customers on the available investment opportunities and help them to take deliberate decisions regarding their options and practical aspirations, therefore, the mutual benefit between the fund and beneficiaries is taking precedence over the Fund priorities.   



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