•  The financing should be on the basis of Murabaḥa, Ijara and other products in line with Islamic Banking rules.
  • The finance applicant should be an active employee of the Jordanian Armed Forces or Security Agencies.
  • The housing finance applicant should not own a house or an apartment at time of submitting the application.
  •  The applicant's service duration at the Jordanian Armed Forces or Security Agencies should not be less than four years for personal finance and five years for residential financing.
  • The sum of the monthly finance installment shouldn't be more than (45%) of the monthly salary for Officers in case of personal finance, or (30%) in case of housing finance. Non-commissioned officers, individuals and civil employees, the monthly installment shouldn't be more than (30%) of the monthly salary for personal and housing finances, taking into account third party liabilities, if exist.
  •  The Housing financing amount shouldn't exceed 70% of the estimated value to the real-estate that the financing is granted for, noting that, the applicant should deposit not less than 30% of the estimated value to the real-estate in his account with the Fund.
  •  Not to finance vehicles and real-estate from first degree relatives (father, mother, son, husband, brother, or sister).
  • In case of re-financing a vehicle that has been financed earlier through the fund, then at least one year should laps between the two finance transactions.
  •   Not to finance, purchase or mortgage shares of a real-estate. Financing deals and / or mortgaging of such properties, shall be executed on wholly-owned apartments and real-estate with independent deed of ownership with the full shares of real-estate.
  • When financing building materials for building a house, the financing amount shall be paid on three installments. Beyond the initial payment, certified surveyor report should be received prior to the issuance of subsequent finance payments. In addition, constructions license or work permit shall be submitted before paying the third and last finance payment.
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